•  Desiree Williams

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 Samson “Tigers” Elementary School year.  This is my fifteenth year at SES and I’m excited about all the new staff and faculty that is joining our team.  I’m equally excited about engaging all our students and parents in a friendly and professional environment that promotes educational growth, empowerment, accountability, and collaboration.  Please know, I believe in SES, our students, and their future!

    During my time at SES, I’ve had the opportunity to teach four different grade levels which has really helped me better understand the developmental and educational growth that our students go through.  That is why I hold all our students to the highest standards in character to include:  love, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control.  I expect excellence from all our students inside their classroom and out.

    As a parent of a SES student, I’m proud to say that I care about our school not only as an employee, but as a team member (parent).  I can emphatically relate to desiring for the best education, environment, and opportunities for our children.  I’m not simply raising a little boy but preparing a future responsible and respectful member of our society.  I know that isn’t always easy, but as a team we can accomplish great things here at SES.

    In addition to my one child in kindergarten, I have another in daycare, a teenage step-daughter who is homeschooled, and a teenage step-son in high school.  So, when I say I understand education from diapers to diplomas, I’m not joking!  I also understand that there is not a cookie cutter approach to educating our youth and that every child has unique needs that must be addressed in a holistic approach to their education.  Once again, that is where we can all work together as a team.

    Please feel free to call, email, or reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  I’m here to serve our students, parents, school, and community.

    Mrs. Desiree Williams