• 2018-2019 Accelerated Reader

    1st 9 Weeks Goal


    First Grade AR Goal Participants

    Kourtney Adams

    Karese Armstrong

    Brantley Aycock

    Kinsley Baxley

    Shane Barnes

    Quinn Bennett

    Brody Bess

    Andrew Braswell

    Addison Brown

    Karter Burris

    Ronan Cork

    Davion Dasinger

    Jadeveon Dent

    Harley Dickerson

    Lane Dobbs

    Elijah Doyle

    Braxton Emerson

    Brooklyn Eubanks

    Lillian Fields

    Joanna Gilmore

    Aivaeh Goodman

    Allison Guynup

    Jurnee Hardrick

    Kirkland Helms

    Da’Varrius James

    Hatcher Jones

    Ayden Julian

    Easton King

    Braden Kirkland

    Olivia Kirkland

    Tristan Maertens

    Blake Mason

    Nevaeh Missildine

    Aubrey Mitchell

    Elijah Newell

    Jazmyn Oviedo

    Trystian Owens

    Kasen Peters

    Allyann Pickron

    Baylee Pullum


    Kylie Reeder

    Megan Riley

    Justin Robbins

    Peyton Sanders

    Wallis Segrest

    Haiston Sellers

    Leilyn Sheppard

    Elana Smith

    Georgia Smith

    Addison Till

    Charlee Wilkerson

    Delaney Wilkins

    Samantha Wilkins

    Kinleigh Williams


    Second Grade AR Goal Participants


    Brianna Anthony

    Brogan Aplin

    Hunter Ash
    Bryant Battle

    Hallie Bennett

    Cody Bess

    Trinity Brooks

    Remy Choquette

    A.J. Cloninger

    River Conley

    Levi Conner

    Christian Copeland

    Ashton Cotter

    Tristan Curry

    Erin Devine

    Madalynn Dorriety

    Gavriel Goodman

    Jesslyn Haney

    Alyson Harrison

    Finn Hatcher

    Leah Hatcher

    Judson Hayes

    Hailee Hildred

    Eli Hinson

    Scarlet Hughes

    Maddox Kendall

    McKy Kriser

    Josiah Leatham

    D.J. Lee

    Isaac Luginbill

    Brenton Lynch

    Jaylynn McClenny

    Hope McDaniel

    Brady Merritt

    Braxton Murphy

    Easton Pendleton

    Jaycob Pennell

    Olivia Rankin

    Easton Reeder

    Frederick Reeves

    Kleber Sanchez

    Kade Sayne

    Alyssa Seay

    Parker Schneider

    Caiden Smith

    La’Shea Soles

    Isabella Toscano

    Lydia Turner

    Garyn Wells

    Hannah Williams


    Third Grade AR Goal Participants

    Ava Aronhalt

    Jaxon Bailey

    Iona Blalock

    Jada Bollon

    Jason Bollon

    Abbie Brannon

    Maggie Carroll

    Peyton Collins

    Mirah Connelly

    Noah Daniels

    Alivia Day

    Scott Dickerson

    Adrian Emerson

    Bella Estes

    Alexa Eubanks

    Nicholas Gamez

    Grady Gilland

    Lilly Hall

    Lucy Hall

    Melanie Hansard

    Laney Harrison

    Jamarcus Knight

    Zavier Loyd

    Peyton Lusk

    Billiejean McCarthy

    Molly McGowan

    Karaline Ratliff

    Anabella Reeder

    Hannah Scott

    James Shores

    Mackenzie Sibley

    Layla Templin

    Paisyn Tew

    Natalie Torres

    Evan Turner

    Ivan Turner

    Gabe Wallace

    Donavan Westmoreland

    Nathan Williamson


    Fourth Grade AR Goal Participants

    Everett Adams

    Erin Andrel

    Nick Baxley

    Bubba Gibbs

    Lainey Hagler

    Kendyll Hancock

    Hayes Hatton

    Will Hudson

    Emma Nichols

    Ruby Parker

    Payden Pannell

    Ella Price

    Aliesa Santora

    Weston Sasser

    Lyla Smith

    Kevin Soto-Blanco

    Gracie Stone

    Angibeth Strickland

    Shianne Ward

    Tristan Willis

    Fifth Grade AR Goal Participants

    Will Ash

    Tatiana Avery

    Matthew Birge

    Ella Chase

    Donna Fant

    Jaci Hall

    Joshua Herrera

    Yarilehy Herrera

    Aiden Kendall

    Jaxon Langham

    Carly Laoye

    Ayden Maldonado

    Alleyna McCurdy

    Isabel Mendoza

    Jackson Oppie

    Andres Perez

    Cayden Pollard

    Sierra Pullen

    Josie Ridenhour

    Gustavo Sanchez

    Georgia Segrest

    Bailey Tedder

    Addison Thomas

    Jaden Wood

  • Welcome to Slocomb Elementary Media Center   

    Slocomb Elementary Media Center is open from 7:30-3:20 daily. Students in grades first through fifth will be allowed to check out one book at a time. Students have regular scheduled visits each week and are allowed to exchange books throughout the week. Please check out our links. Hopefully, these will be helpful to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 886-2132.


    Mission Statement 

    It is the mission of the Geneva County School System's Media Centers to support the system's instructional program, ensuring that all students and staff have the skills and opportunities to access, evaluate, and use information for educational and recreational purposes, becoming independent and successful lifelong learners, prepared for the 21st century.

  • 2017-2018 

    1st 9 Weeks: Aug. 13 - Oct. 3

    2nd 9 Weeks: Oct. 4 - Dec. 12

    3rd 9 Weeks: Dec.13 - Mar. 1

    4th 9 Weeks: Mar. 4 - May 3

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  • Alabama Virtual Library

    The Alabama Virtual Library provides all students, teachers, and citizens of the State of Alabama with online access to essential library and information resources. It is primarily a group of online databases that have magazine, journal, and newspaper articles for research. Through the AVL, an equitable core of information sources are available to every student and citizen in Alabama, raising the level of excellence in schools and communities across the state.

  • Epic!

    Leading Digital Library for Kids 12 & under. Instantly access 25,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more. Students can use this FREE in class. Parents can add a paid account if you'd like to access these resources at home.