• Welcome to Slocomb Middle School, home of the Slocomb Redtops!  

    Slocomb Middle School is a rural, public middle school.  Slocomb School was established in 1901.  Three years later, a wooden school was built on the public square.  In 1925, a new structure was built at the intersection of Hwy. 52 and Hemby Street that housed K-12.  The present middle school structure was completed in 1988. This is a modern, brick building housing grades 6-8.  In 2015, an addition was completed, which provided two 8th grade classrooms, administrative offices, a guidance office, and a new media center. 


    Slocomb Middle School is a part of the Geneva County School System and is located in the far east section of Geneva County and designated by the Geneva County Commission as District 1. District 1 includes the City of Slocomb, the town of Malvern, the community of Fadette, as well as the outer rural areas.  The physical location of Slocomb Middle School is within the City of Slocomb, which has a population of 2,015.  The overall population of District 1 is 6,415.  (District Statistic Report, July, 2001)  Of the 6,415 population, African-Americans are represented with 609 (9.49%), Caucasians are represented with 5,613 (87.50%), and Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans are represented with 193 (3.1%).  1,728 members of this population are under the voting age of 18.


    The town of Slocomb was established in 1898 in a “piney wilderness”.  Will and Frank Slocomb established a turpentine industry when the Central Georgia railroad came through this area.  At the turn of the century, the major industries were turpentine, crossties, and lumber.  Prior to settlement, the Creek Nation of Indians occupied this region of southeast Alabama.


    Agriculture and textiles are the major industries in the Slocomb area.  The major industrial employer is Alatech Health Care, LLC., which employs 275 people full-time.  Alatech has been in operation since 1999.  District 1 is predominantly agricultural with major crops of peanuts, corn, soybeans and produce in season.  Slocomb is well known for growing the best tomatoes in the entire world.  Our annual Tomato Festival is in held in June. 


    The City of Slocomb commemorated its 100th year in 2001 with the establishment of Centennial Park and the construction of a large gazebo for public gatherings.  A one-quarter (1/4) mile walking trail has since been added to the park.  The most recent addition is the construction of a new East Geneva County Senior Citizens facility located across from Centennial Park.


    The City of Dothan is Slocomb's nearest major city and has a population of 58,525 (Census Bureau, 2003).  Many people from Slocomb commute to Dothan for work each day. Dothan hosts a wide variety of establishments for shopping, eating, entertainment and health care. Dothan is located approximately fifteen (15) miles east of Slocomb in adjoining Houston County.  Alabama Highway 52 is the connecting highway from Dothan to Malvern and Slocomb.  A four-lane project is underway between the cities. 


    Slocomb School’s sports teams (football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, bowling, track & field, and softball) are called the Slocomb Redtops.  According to Mr. James Bass, a Slocomb alumnus, John B. Davidson came to Slocomb High School as head coach after graduating from college. Coach Davidson painted the tops of the helmets red to distinguish them from the rest of the area teams' leather helmets. He called his team the Redtops, and that name has endured the test of time. At some point, the Indian was adopted as the school's mascot, and eventually this Indian became known as the Slocomb Redtop.