• Attendance counts

  • Slocomb High School supports the philosophy that the instructional program is a vital part of a formal education. We further believe that it is necessary to require students to attend school a maximum number of days for instructional purposes during each school year. Parents are strongly discouraged from taking students out of school for any reason other than emergencies. Students are required by state law to maintain a level of attendance, which enables them to meet their responsibilities as learners, and allow teachers to fulfill their obligations to the students. Students and parents hold the primary responsibility for school attendance and for following the attendance policy. Regular attendance shall be defined as attending school for the full day on each day during which school is in session. Absences beyond 5 days per semester must be substantiated with a physician’s statement unless excused by the Principal.

    Every absence after these will be considered unexcused unless special permission is granted by the Geneva County superintendent.

    Unexcused absences: SHS will follow the guidelines set forth in the Geneva County Student/Parent Information Guide regarding unexcused absences.

    *NEW perfect attendance rule:

    Perfect Attendance - Perfect attendance is defined as a student being present at school every day of the school year. It is also defined as a student having NO excused tardies or check-outs for the entire school year. If a child is present every day but has check outs, we are very proud of them. However, their attendance is not “perfect” unless they are in school for the entire day.