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Continuous Improvement Plan (ACIP)


Alabama’s Continuous Improvement Plan (ACIP) should be used by all schools in improvement and Title I schools not in improvement to facilitate the planning process. Three templates are available based on the specific school scenario: Title I Schoolwide, Title I Targeted Assistance, or Non-Title. The final plan must be approved by the local education agency’s (LEA’s) board members and signed by the superintendent, federal programs coordinator, principal, and committee members. A CIP is effective for a two-year period and should be reviewed and revised monthly.


The ACIP should be developed by a school team that is representative of the challenges being addressed with support from the LEA. Team members that must be present include the principal, guidance counselor, district school improvement specialist (or other designee), appropriate content-area teachers, parent representatives, and student representatives (as appropriate). Depending on the data, additional members may include special population representatives (Technology Coordinator, Special Education, ELL, etc.), district federal programs coordinator, district chief school financial officer, community stakeholders, or any other member as appropriate.


The ACIP is a document that is designed to guide the school improvement effort of the school. It should be reviewed regularly and revised as needed in response to the school’s progress on the identified goals and strategies. Once the plan is Board-approved and signed, it is not necessary to obtain additional Board approval when revisions are made to the plan.




The AdvancED/Accreditation process occurs for a school system on a 5-year interval. This process is the epitome of school improvement and reviews districts and school along five standards:


·         stable governance, management, and leadership;

·         a coherent course of study:

·         a reliable system by which to assess students’ progress;

·         instructors who have a clear understanding of what they aim to teach, how, and why; and

·         access to the resources they need.


The AdvancED Standards for Quality require each school to be reviewed in a way that is appropriate to its mission and purpose.



Folder ACIP (10 Files)
pdf file GCES 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file GCHS 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file GCMS 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file Geneva County Schools
pdf file Samson Elementary 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file Samson High 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file Samson Middle 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file Slocomb Elementary 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file Slocomb High 2016-2017 ACIP
pdf file Slocomb Middle 2016-2017 ACIP
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